Important Dates

Born On: 2nd April, 1931; Fatehpur(U.P.)

1952: M.Sc. Physics, University of Allahabad

1956: Head of Department of Physics, University of Allahabad

1990: Bhuvaneshwar Award

Died On: 8th July, 1989; America


बीती आप बीती आप

A novel throws light on but one aspect of life, binds it within limitations of time, and presents it in a single style. But reality is never so uncluttered and simple, nor is it sufficient to look at life only from one angle, and time too does not flow in a single direction. Language also changes on different occasions from person to person and from one place to another. But their language provides us an opportunity to view and assess life from a fresh angle. Language provides us the medium to touch our past, present and future and permit intimacy with them. In this context, this novel helps you. You may also feel that you have acquired a better understanding of yourself.

©Bipin Kumar Agarwal