Important Dates

Born On: 2nd April, 1931; Fatehpur(U.P.)

1952: M.Sc. Physics, University of Allahabad

1956: Head of Department of Physics, University of Allahabad

1990: Bhuvaneshwar Award

Died On: 8th July, 1989; America

The Poet

नंगे पैर (Barefoot)

Poet and playwright Bipin Kumar Agarwal believed that one who lives more in a shorter time can also say more in lesser words-and such a person is truly a poet.

Instead of imagining unreal experiences, the poems give new meanings to real life experiences. The simple, expert and powerful language marked by the utter brevity of these poems, spontaneously conveys the intense impact of ordinary events.

A reader who has passed through similar experiences as a poet starts feeling as though he himself is the poet.

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©Bipin Kumar Agarwal