Important Dates

Born On: 2nd April, 1931; Fatehpur(U.P.)

1952: M.Sc. Physics, University of Allahabad

1956: Head of Department of Physics, University of Allahabad

1990: Bhuvaneshwar Award

Died On: 8th July, 1989; America

The Poet

आकारहीन संसार

The environment and situations are constantly in a state of flux. The poet has to choose his words to suit the changing environment. He may have to create new words for this. Bipinji has faced this challenge with the use of appropriate and befitting language and novel illustrations. His earlier writings reflect his talent for describing elaborate situations in very few and simple words. In these poems, this talent becomes more pronounced.

The poems use apparently everyday illustrations, giving the illusion that they have been inspired by the surrounding environment. But when the poems touch us emotionally we are compelled to look outside our immediate environment where we find that they lift us beyond local dimensions and contemporary times, and get us involved with other wider perspectives. They resonate silently within the reader's heart and for this reason, we empathise with them. Simultaneously, they pose challenges to our intellect and even in their pessimistic approach, they retain the satirical element.

Though the poems may appear simple to read, they have layers of mysticism and multiple meanings. It depends upon the reader, how much he is able to discern.

©Bipin Kumar Agarwal