Important Dates

Born On: 2nd April, 1931; Fatehpur(U.P.)

1952: M.Sc. Physics, University of Allahabad

1956: Head of Department of Physics, University of Allahabad

1990: Bhuvaneshwar Award

Died On: 8th July, 1989; America

The Poet

आदिहीन अनंत यात्रा

This long poem is not a description of life's journey, though it is involved with life at every stage. The poem may be considered as a river of words. The river flows straight at places, sometimes it takes a curve, sometimes it is violent, at places it is fast, and at places it moves along sedately. In this poem, language takes the place of water.

This is the first long poem of Bipin Kumar Agarwal which has been published along with details of its creative process. One hopes that it will contribute in a special manner to the understanding of literature.



©Bipin Kumar Agarwal